Chrissy-Bex Klomp

Chrissy Bex-Klomp is a mixed media artist from the Netherlands. She makes drawings and paintings which can be macabre and dark. Life and death is a returning theme in her art and she finds inspiration in her life experiences. 


She studied to become a social worker and after that a history teacher. After graduating she wasn’t sure what to do next. Follow the right and smart path, or follow her heart? After being asked what she really really wanted she decided to follow her heart and go to art school. 

In art school she discovered her love for water colors and how therapeutic making art can be.

The world haven’t always threated her right and art became a way to deal with her traumas. The mind can be a dark and horrible place and with art she tries to transform her memories into something beautiful. 


Chrissy believes you never stop learning in life. Her goals are to keep growing as an artist and as a person, to finish art school and keep developing her own style. And maybe one day how to transfer her art to skin. 


When she isn’t making art she loves to spend her time with her husband and sphynx cats Voodoo and Jinx. Her home and her friends are very important in her life. So is music, concerts and dancing at festivals, playing with make-up and enjoying life.