How did you start making art?

As a little kid I was sick a lot, when other where playing outside, I was drawing. So I started at a young age, always drawing and creating. When I was fifteen or sixteen years old I wanted to go to Art school, but I was told I couldn’t. I stopped making art. Maybe 5 or 6 years ago I started drawing again. First a little bit and soon every spare moment I had. Art became a way of dealing with my traumas and it became part of my healing process.

Did you go to art school?

Yes, in 2021 I graduated.

How does your creative process looks like?

It always starts with me having something inside my head. A big idea all planned out, or just a glimpse of how it should be. Sometimes it has to do with stuff I’m going true at the moment. I really hate sketching, that isn’t my thing. But sometimes I make a little scribble of my idea, so I won’t forget. I think about my idea for a few days, work out the details in my head. Think how I want to draw it, search for references or take reference pictures myself. When I got it all planned out, I start my painting. First lines are with a pencil. After that depending on the materials I use. I love to work with watercolors. I just don’t like the waiting (for it to be dry), so most of the time I work on two projects at the same time.

Why so many skulls?

I draw and paint a lot of skulls. And this is a question I get a lot. Skulls symbolize for me both death and life. Skulls are just as they are. They don’t have a second layer, no lies, no deeper emotions. They can’t betray you, they can’t lie to you. But most people think they are scary, because they are death and symbolize death. But if you can accept death as a part of life you can see how beautiful they are. I think they are beautiful and pure and I love to paint them.

Do you do commissions?

I love to do commissions. Please contact me if you have an idea and we can talk about the possibilities.

How can I support you?

First of all a big thanks for taking the time to check out my art and my website! You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Following and engaging helps more than you know!
You can also support me by purchasing a print or an original in my shop or by ordering a commission. Or come by at the shop for a tattoo.

How to book an appointment?

To book an appointment for a tattoo please fill in the contact form, or send an email to chrissy@chrysalisart.nl.

Tell me about your:
- idea (what you want)
- size
- placement
- reference pictures

To book your appointment I ask a deposit.
It is possible to reschedule the appointment 48 hours before the tattoo appointment.
If you cancel your appointment or don't show up, your deposit will be forfeited.